Manor Place Depot, London

Gate closing solutions for external gates in residential areas can often be a challenge, due to the outdoor environment and the potential for vandalism.  Bellsure chose the Gatemaster gas strut for their cycle shelters in a prestigious development in the heart of Elephant & Castle, London.

The Project


Bellsure was asked to supply a cycle storage scheme in Manor Place Depot, a residential development which is part of a multi billion pound regeneration scheme in Elephant & Castle.

The bespoke shelters that Bellsure designed were solidly constructed from steel and clad in timber, meaning the gates were robust but also a
reasonable weight.

The locking device used for the gates were electromagnetic locks, and the client was looking to fit a closing device to the gates to ensure they always closed and secured themselves, and also needed a solution that would close slowly to prevent the gates banging and causing disturbance.

The Gatemaster Solution


The closer chosen was the screw-fixed gas strut closer, a hydraulically dampened gas strut that ensures a gentle close and is very easy to fit to metal or wooden gates. This suited their specifications for the following reasons:

• Easily retro-fitted – the closers were required to be fitted after installation

• Slow closing – the unique oil dampening within the gas strut ensures the gate closes safely and doesn’t bang shut

• Unobtrusive – the slimline strut blended in well with the cladded gates


We regularly install the Gatemaster gas struts on our shelters and they have proven to be good quality and reliable.  A lot of the shelters we install are steel framed clad with timber which makes the gates heavy, and the Gatemaster closer works well with no issues. It was a good retrofit solution for our Manor Place Depot install, the gas struts fitted well with the doors and were easy to install with the screw on brackets. Overall a good install for us and the client was pleased with the end result.

Murray Tennent


GSBW Gas Strut Closer

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