Weld in locks

A weldable lock range for any steel gate, giving an unobtrusive and highly secure solution.  Simply weld in and galvanize or paint with the gate

The double throw weld in deadlock uses a simple mechanism that moves 25mm with two turns of the key

Double throw deadlock

A simple method of incorporating a standard digital lock into a metal gate

Gatemaster weldable steel lockcase for digital locks

The hook lock and digital lock kit simplifies fitting a digital lock to a sliding gate, with a hooked bolt for security

Hook lock and digital lock kit

Le verrou à pêne dormant soudé à double action est un loquet actionné par une poignée qui offre la sécurité d’un verrou dormant

Verrou à pêne dormant à double-action

Solid and reliable lock with a single keyed deadlocking action that moves 30mm with one turn of the key

Weld-In Deadlock

The weld in latch deadlock has a handle operated latch and key operated deadbolt for security

Weld-In Latch Deadlock

The weld in long throw keylatch is perfect for securing the gate every time you shut it behind you

Weld-In Long Throw Keylatch

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