3 Easy Steps to Find the Lock Handing

For some of our locks, we offer a right-handed or a left-handed version and the lock handing you choose depends on whether your gate is right or left-hand hung.

Image showing metal gate lock with mechanical keypad on an open mesh gate

Take our BDGS as an example.

It has keypad access on the outside and a handle on the inside.

Depending on how your gate is installed, you will need either a right- or a left-handed lock to ensure the keypad is on the outside when fitted.

If you choose the wrong lock handing, you will end up with a lock that has a handle on the outside, allowing anyone to enter.

To avoid this, you need to find out the correct lock handing and we are here to help.

Step 1: Look at your gate from the outside (secure side) or visualize it if the gate is yet to be installed.

Step 2: Determine if your hinges are on the left- or right-hand side of the gate.

Step 3: The side that your hinges are on, equals the lock handing. For example, if your gate hinges are on the right, you will need a right-hand lock (and vice versa).

So, taking the BDGS single sided digital lock as an example again, if your hinges were on the right as viewed from the outside of the gate, you will need the BDGS1030R (10-30 mm box section) or BDGS4060R (40-60 mm box section).

Diagram showing visual of lock handing on left-hand hung gates and right-hand hung gates.
Top part shows left-hand gate with gate swinging either out or in.
Bottom part showing right-hand gate.
Looking at your gate and the position of hinges, you can determine the handing of your gate and your gate lock.

Examples of right-handed gates:

right handed yellow metal gate in front of green building
Right-handed lock
Right-handed lock

Examples of left-handed gates:

Left-handed lock
Left-handed lock

Handing of double-leaf gates:

composite gate with metal frame and metal gate lock
Assuming we are standing on the outside, as the hinges of the leaf with the lock on are on the left, they need a left-handed lock.
Assuming we are standing on the outside, as the hinges of the leaf with the lock are on the right, this gate will need a right-handed lock.

So, remember the above guide when ordering any of the below locks as these are all handed locks:

BQK – Quick Exit lock with key access
BQDG – Quick Exit lock with keypad access

BDGS – Single-sided Keypad lock

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