Gate locks

Our range of locks for metal and wooden gates is designed for easy installation and maximum convenience. Simply drill 3 holes in the gate frame and bolt the lock on using the fixings supplied.

Strong & Simple

From concept to finalization, we aim to make things as simple as possible for the installer and the end user, while producing a strong and durable product that will endure extreme weather and heavy wear and tear.

Tried & Tested

We ensure our products are designed to the highest standards with a variety of quality tests such as corrosion and cycle testing.  This ensures maximum reliability, minimum hassle.

Adaptable & Adjustable

From keyed locks to digital keypads, panic exit locks to locking latches, our gate locks provide wide-ranging solutions for all gate styles and designs.

Bolt on locks

Our range of bolt on gate locks are designed for easy installation and maximum convenience.  Simply drill 3 holes in the gate frame and bolt the lock on with the fixings supplied Browse Products

Digital Locks

The best in easy access, Gatemaster Digital gate locks are one of the simplest and easiest-to-fit locks in the market Browse Products

Lock handles

Our Gatemaster lock handles are designed for tough outdoor use and perfectly complement the style of our locks Browse Products

Mortice locks

A secure and unobtrusive locking solution that simply slots inside the leading gate stile, available for both metal and wooden gates Browse Products


Our newest range and the slimmest bolt-on lock on the market. Whilst smart and stylish, these locks couple with toughness and durability to be a world-class range Browse Products

Weld in locks

A weldable lock range for any steel gate, giving an unobtrusive and highly secure solution.  Simply weld in and galvanize or paint with the gate Browse Products

Wooden gate locks

Our locks for wooden gates take the very nature of timber into consideration, providing ultimate adjustability and reliability no matter the weather conditions Browse Products

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