Mortice locks

A secure and unobtrusive locking solution that simply slots inside the leading gate stile, available for both metal and wooden gates

Mortice hook lock with key cylinder and brass-tipped hook latch and deadlock.
The all-new Gatemaster Mortice Hook Lock has re-innovated the insert gate lock concept with one simple feature: a single-action latch and hook lock.

Mortice Hook Lock

The narrow auto-locking latch enables the gate to be slammed shut and opened only with a key

Narrow Autolocking Latch

The narrow deadlock features a simple drop-down bolt and can be mortised into a box section frame

Narrow Deadlock

The narrow hook lock can be used on both swing and sliding gates, with a hooked bolt for extra security

Narrow Hook Lock

The narrow latch deadlock uses a key and handle and can be mortised into a 40mm or larger box section

Narrow Latch Deadlock

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