Our newest range and the slimmest bolt-on lock on the market. Whilst smart and stylish, these locks couple with toughness and durability to be a world-class range

The Superlock latch deadlock is a popular option combining the convenience of a latch with the security of a deadlock

Superlock Bolt on Latch Deadlock

This digital gate lock is a popular choice featuring a mechanical keypad on both sides of the lock

Superlock Digital gate lock

This digital gate lock enables mechanical code entry from outside and a free exit lever handle from inside

Superlock Digital gate lock single sided

This two-part innovative keep interlocks when the gate is closed, which enhances the security of the gate

Superlock Interlocking Keep

The Superlock quick exit has a panic push pad from inside with a mechanical code lock entry from outside

Superlock Quick exit Digital Keypad access

The Superlock quick exit has a green push pad inside to allow for easy exit, with a key entry from outside

Superlock Quick exit Key access

This keep works with all of the Superlock range, easily fitted with our expanding fasteners

Superlock Secure Keep

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