Locking Drop bolt to complete the range

Good news from our drop bolt family! Our Locking Drop bolt has been added to our range of modern gate hardware.

Our customers have known and loved our two existing drop bolts ranges for many years. The Auto-Locking Drop bolts have proven to be a great addition to any traditional style double gate, while our Concealed Drop bolts is a great feature for anyone looking for a clean invisible look.

Today, the robust Locking Drop bolt is a welcome alternative for modern style steel and aluminium gates.

Existing Products

Auto-Locking Drop Bolt

auto-locking drop bolt surface fixed to white wooden gate

Our Auto-locking Drop bolt is a great way to secure any double swing gate without breaking the bank.

The handle turns neatly around the post, which ensures it is clamped between the two wings when the gate is closed. This way, the gate cannot be forced open.

Some refined details ensure that this will nicely merge with your design. In addition, the “screw-fixed” version will even allow you to install it after the gate has been completed.

Concealed Drop Bolt

Grey metal gate fitted with concealed drop bolt.

This drop bolt is barely visible when the gate is completed, as it is installed inside the box section. This works well when you have a particular design in mind and you don’t want ‘foreign’ elements sticking out.

Another great feature is that the handle can be placed at any height your client likes. This is a great solution if you want to keep small children from entering, or you don’t want to bend down each time.

About our new Drop Bolt

Our locking drop bolts combine good looks and ease of use with additional features to make your life as a gate professional easier.

Elegant design and modern materials

Firstly, the bolt is made of a substantial stainless steel rod of 3/4″ in diameter. As this material works well with any design, you can use it on steel, aluminium or wooden gates. Whatever trend you like, our drop bolts will only make your gate look better.

Secondly, the stainless steel option protects your hardware from rust and corrosion for a very long time.

But, if you are not a fan of stainless steel, we offer a version with galvanized bolt instead.

It goes without saying that such a substantial steel pin will also provide excellent security even for the biggest gates. When secured into the ground, it protects them from forced opening by intruders, strong winds, and is a good initial protection measure if the gate is bumped by a vehicle.

Expanding fastener

The housing and the handle of the drop bolts are made of powder coated steel – another great way of protecting the material against the weather. These elements can easily be painted or powder coated with your gate in any colour to blend in easily.

Installation perks

This drop bolt is a “bolt-on” version, which means that it easily installs in two 5/8″ holes. You therefore only need to drill these on one side of the gate. We have designed it to accept self-expanding screws (provided in the package) that will fasten inside the post once you start tightening them. An allen key is all you will need for the job.

Our factory best is 2:36 min to pop one of these on the gate. Let us know if you break our record!

Moreover, there are three height positions on the pin to allow for height adjustment of 4″. This is great when you are working with an uneven surface or the gate is installed on a slope.  This pin is easily unscrewed to re-adjust before the drop bolt is installed, but cannot be tampered with when the gate is closed.

Technical features

Finally, the specific shape of the handle is designed to make sure that it is clamped between the two wings when you close your gate. You can turn the handle and pull the bolt up only after one wing is opened. This simple but secure method ensures that nobody can push your gate open after you have locked it.

Technical drawing of locking drop bolt

Above all, these features make sure that you get the job done in no time with the most basic tools, while the final result will work well and make your gate look impressive!

Want to order or know more about the locking drop bolt?  Follow the link here for the product page Gatemaster Locking Drop Bolt, contact us below or order one in the UK through our sister company Signet Locks here.

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