Why should I use a protective gate shroud for my gate?

Security is one of the main reasons for installing a fence and gate. But curb appeal and appearance are also important for homeowners having a gate installed. Gates with metal bars and large gap are popular gate styles thanks to their versatility. However, these types of gates are vulnerable to outsiders gaining access, especially if you have a lock with an easy-exit mechanism.

This is where the protective gate shrouds come in. Read on as we tell you exactly what a shroud is, when you should use one and which of our locks you should use one with.

What is a protective gate shroud?

A gate shroud is an additional component for your metal gate which is usually installed in conjunction with a gate lock. They are commonly a galvanized and powder coated metal box, which is made to cover the internal handle of your lock.

They come in many shapes and sizes but will commonly be designed to work with a specific style of lock and many brands therefore carry their own range of protective gate shrouds.

gate locks with code fitted to green metal gate. Protective gate shroud on inside.
A protective gate shroud installed with a single-sided digital Superlock

When should I use a protective gate shroud?

Although it might be tempting, you won’t need to use a gate shroud with every gate lock as there are situations where it won’t be needed. That includes when you use:

  • Locks with key or code keypad on both sides
  • Locks used on solid infill gates where outsiders can’t reach through the gate
  • Locks used on mesh gates with small gaps

Before you buy a shroud consider the security risk of your gate and evaluate how easy it would be for someone to reach through and open your gate.

We recommend using a protective gate shroud if you have a lock with an easy-to-open internal mechanism. This includes locks with internal push pads or thumb turns, which can unlock the gate without using a key or a combination code as shown below.

digital gate lock with green push pad on gravel
A lock like this can be easy to open from the outside if a protective gate shroud isn’t used

These types of locks are popular as they facilitate an easy and quick opening of the lock from the inside. This is useful on gates where many people need access or people are often coming and going.

If you do have one of these types of locks, look at your gate to determine if adding a gate shroud will make your gate more secure.

  • Can the push pad or thumb turn be seen from the outside?
  • Does my gate have big gaps between the metal bars?
  • Could someone get their arm or hand through and push the exit button or turn the thumb turn?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, we highly recommend using a protective gate shroud together with your fence lock.

It should be said that a gate shroud can’t always 100% protect your gate from being broken into, but it will deter outsiders reaching through and trying their luck. It will also make it less obvious that your lock has an easy exit.

Not sure if it’s worth it?

As a shroud isn’t always a completely fool-proof solution to prevent break-ins, not everyone thinks buying a shroud is worth it.

But have a quick look at this video below where we show the massive difference between using a shroud and not.

As you can see, a protective gate shroud makes a big difference.
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Thanks to the sharp angle, size, and installation position of the shroud, it is almost impossible to reach the thumb turn when the shroud is installed. When there is no shroud installed it takes seconds to open the gate as shown.

Convinced yet?

We hope that by now you can see the security benefits of using protective gate shrouds. As mentioned, most lock brands will have shrouds in their ranges that work with their locks. That is the case for us too.

Please find an overview below of the shrouds we have, and which locks they work with.

ShroudCompatible locks
BQS – Superlock Shroud
BDGS – Superlock Digital Gate Lock, Single-sided

BQDG – Superlock Quick Exit Gate Lock with Keypad Access

BQK – Superlock Quick Exit Gate Lock with Key Access
SBQES – Select Pro Shroud
DGLS – Select Pro Digital Lock, Single-sided

SBQEDGL – Select Pro Quick Exit Lock with keypad access

SBQEK – Select Pro Quick Exit Lock with key access

protective gate shroud on white background
BQS – Superlock Quick Exit Shroud
black protective gate shroud on white background
SBQES – Select Pro Quick Exit Shroud

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