Gatemaster is one of the largest mechanical gate closer manufacturers in the world.  Our gate closers are easily adjustable and built for all environments.
Smooth & Slow
Slow closing is crucial with gate closers because of the risk of small children or the elderly getting knocked over.  The Gatemaster closers have internal dampening which ensures a slow and soft close.
No more traps
Our APS Hydraulic gate closer ensures that the gap between gate and post on the hinge side doesn't reduce.  This lowers the risk of a potential crushing point, making it a great option for playground or communal gates.  A stop hinge is also available which prevents the gate opening wider than 100°, no need for a separate stop.
Fully adjustable
You can adjust the force of our gate closing gas strut by simply moving the strut along the slots in the fixing brackets.  Our APS Hydraulic gate closer is fully speed adjustable with a main speed adjuster and a latching speed adjuster.

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