The Innovative Bolt-on Hydraulic Gate Closer

hydraulic gate closer disassembled

Are you in search of an adjustable, adaptable gate closing solution for metal or wooden gates? Then our new hydraulic gate closer might be just what you’re looking for!

Our new gate closer

The all-new APSW bolt-on hydraulic gate closer is a new and improved version of the well-known APS closer, one of the most reliable and sturdy gate closers on the market.

Unlike its predecessor, the APSW can now be bolted onto the gate. This eliminates the need for welding and fitting it will be an easy task for either the gate manufacturer or the gate installer.

Gate manufacturers:

The APSW self-closing hinge kit is the way to go for both metal and wooden gates. Above all, the gates can be prepared to take the brackets in the workshop and the closer installed on site, which removes the need for any welding.

Fencing & Gate install only:

The APSW gate closer is easy to fit on site as all you need to do is drill and tap the appropriate holes on metal gates or screw onto wooden gates. The manufacturer doesn’t have to prepare the gate beforehand unless they specifically choose to do so.

This hydraulic gate closer boasts several features:

  • Robust closer unit – A long-lasting solution, that discourages vandalism
  • Heavy duty – designed for gates up to 150kg
  • Meets ROSPA recommendations
  • 2 speed adjustable – latching and closing speed adjustable for easy configuring
  • No power required and maintenance free
  • Stop hinge prevents the gate opening wider than 100 degrees

The kit includes a bottom closer unit and a top hinge set. In addition, the kit comes with metal gate fittings as well; the installer would need to supply fixings for wooden gates.


We are often asked if this closer can be retrofitted after the gate is installed. Unfortunately, it cannot work with any existing hinge configuration as the pivot point has to be aligned top and bottom.  However, the closer is absolutely suitable for retrofitting if the existing hinges can be removed.

Please note – this product is designed to be fitted by professional gate manufacturers or installers.

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