The Superhero lock for metal gates

The superlock. Picture showing a gate lock with a superhero cape on.

Although you might think that this is just a lock for metal gates, we believe our Superlock to be a real superhero!  Firstly, you’ve got its multitude of “costumes” that provide plenty of different solutions. Moreover, it is loved by all gate owners who have one of the locks installed for its reliability and clean aesthetics.

But that’s not the main reason!

We believe that the biggest advantage of it is what it can do for the gate professionals: make their life easier, save them time and money and make any job look great and professional. A real superhero that will help you out, no matter what crisis or urgent job you are dealing with.

That’s why we have made a dedicated page for our Superlock containing all the most important information. Like how easy it is to install; the different types of locks included in the range; and of course all the technical details and specifications your heart desires.

If you are keen on finding out more, visit the product highlight page through the following link for the full The Superlock RangeWithin the range, we have latch deadlocks, quick exits and digital code lock for metal gates as well as secure keeps to help prevent people prying the gate open.

You are always more than welcome to give us a call  +44 (0)1243 552066 or send an email to and we’ll gladly discuss all things Superlock with you!

Now Stainless!

The Superlock is now made in stainless steel – inside and out.

Read more about the changes to stainless steel here.

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