The industrial heavy-duty hinge: 3 different ways to use our Superhinge

If you aren’t familiar with our Superhinge, it is our industrial heavy-duty hinge. This low-friction hinge was developed specifically for heavy gates and features brass washers and grease points to facilitate a smooth closing action. Sounds good?

To showcase the strength and versatility of the Superhinge, scroll along to see some recent case studies where it was used on different gates.

Hinges for heavy gates

Ornamental metal work is becoming extremely popular for commercial gates and fences. Intricate designs in cut-out metal panels make the service entrance to a restaurant a 5-star experience in itself. But these can be heavier than your standard mesh or metal bar gate. This means they of course need an industrial heavy-duty hinge that can carry this added weight.

That was exactly why Lauda Fabrications chose to use the Superhinge for these ornate metal panel gates for a restaurant in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The Superhinge provided the reliable and low friction close they were after.

This project also used our Superlock Quick Exit Digital Access lock, but that is a story for another day!

Superhinge sizeMax weight limit for a pair of hinges
SH16Up to 330 lbs gates (2 hinges)
SH20Up to 660 lbs gates (2 hinges)
SH25Up to 990 lbs gates (2 hinges)
SH 30Up to 1,900 lbs gates (2 hinges)

Tamper-proof hinges

The Superhinge is also practical to use for locations that need to be extra secure. This industrial heavy-duty hinge is equipped with tamper proof sheer-off nuts. Once tightened, the bolt head will break off, leaving only a cylindrical end. This is incredibly difficult to remove, making the hinges more tamper proof.

This hinge can therefore be used on locations like the below, where back access needs to be secured.

grey metal gate in front of access door
Another expert job by Lauda Fabrications
heavy duty industrial gate hinge on grey metal gate

Hinges for bi-folding gates

Bi-folding gates are usually automated and heavy due to the multiple gate leaves used to create the bi-fold action. This means these gates are heavier than your standard industrial gates and need some extra hefty industrial heavy-duty hinges to function smoothly.

A prime example is the below bi-folding gate from Hill Trident, which was used for a site entrance. The entrance is very wide to help facilitate lorries turning after delivering. You can read more about this case study here.

If you want all the details, have a look at the product page where you will find the technical drawings, measurements, and everything you could want before using this hinge.

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