Controlled gate closers for bike storage units

Why should you consider using gate closers for bike storage units?

Bike storage units are designed to keep their contents safe and secure. Choosing the right lock solution is therefore a high priority. But the lock becomes pointless if Jack and Jill never remember to properly shut the gate behind them.

Cue the gate closing mechanism.

It is a simple solution to ensure the gate or door is always kept closed after use. We have discussed the benefits of using gate closers before and the same reasons go for using them on bike storage or similar units.

That leaves the question: What gate closer should I use for my newly installed bike storage unit?

Don’t let the gate hit you on your way out

Bike storage units are similar to other outdoor gates and will of course require a weather and corrosion resistant mechanism.

We therefore don’t recommend using closers designed for internal use, although these can look perfect on paper.

As with any gate, we would always recommend using controlled gate closers for bike storage units as well. A controlled gate closer has the benefit of being dampened. This dampening is usually created with the help of a hydraulic system along with compressed gas to name a few. You can find more information on these two types of gates closers in this blog.

In addition to a dampened closer, an additional benefit is adjustable speed. This allows you to give the person exiting more time to walk through the door. This is especially handy when they have a bicycle on tow!

The cherry on top with a gate closer is it allows you to walk away with your bicycle without having to worry about shutting the gate behind you.

So, a controlled gate closing mechanism combined with an auto-latching gate lock (like our bike storage lock solution) is a worry-free solution suitable for even the most forgetful residents.

Our gate closers for bike storage units

controlled gate closers for bike storage units

The gas strut gate closer GSB – a sleek gas strut gate closer suitable to use on both metal and wood. Possible to retrofit, so even when you can’t quite convince your customer to get the gate closer from the beginning, it will at least be easy for you fit when they realise what a great idea it actually was.

gate closers for bike storage units

The hydraulic gate closer APS – an integrated self-closing gate hinge which sits perfectly in your gate and has a non-reducing gap. This gate closer is also suitable for areas used by children or wheelchair users, for example playpark gates as it can help you comply with RoSPA recommendations.

If you want more information on gate closers for bike storage units, get in touch with our sales department now on

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