Bolt on Locks

Our range of bolt on gate locks are designed for easy installation and maximum convenience.  Simply drill 3 holes in the gate frame and bolt the lock on with the fixings supplied.
Superlock – Slim & Secure
The Gatemaster Superlock, our newest range and the slimmest bolt-on lock on the market.  Whilst smart and stylish, these locks couple with toughness and durability to be a world-class range.

Keyed locks – Latch Deadlock | Digital locks – Double-Sided or Single-Sided | Push to Exit – with Key Access or Digital Access

Select Pro – Traditional look, Quality feel
Our original range of gate locks, the Select Pro’s traditional square design and long throw is popular around the world.

Keyed locks – Deadlock with Handle, Deadlock only or Auto-locking Latch | Handle only – Latch | Digital – Double SidedSingle Sided or Surface Fixed | Quick Exit – Key Access or Digital Access

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