Our range of general gate hardware products are designed for both ease and simplicity of use.  Our range of dropbolts take a well-established concept and enhance it with extra usability and security.  Other products include gate bump stops and other gate security products.

Dropbolts – simple and secure

Dropbolts are a simple method of securing a gate via a bolt into the ground.  Our dropbolts are this and more.  When fitted to double gates the clever design ensures the dropbolt cannot be lifted when both gates are closed.  Our Auto-locking Dropbolt and Concealed Dropbolt both include this option.

Bump stops – no more bumps in the night

Ensure your gate closes quietly with our range of bump stops.  The threaded bump stops can be fitted to any existing gate stop.  The Gate Silencer Kit works as a standalone gate stop with buffers already fitted.

Security products – making properties safer

Our push-fit security collar prevents gate theft with its innovative design.  Simply push onto a gate hook above the gate eye to ensure the gate can’t be lifted off.  Our weld-on security escutcheons are often used on weld-on locks to prevent damage to the eurocylinder.

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