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Giving your gates a lead with a gate tether

Gate tethers work as a safety cable to help prevent gates falling. They are recommended to use in order to fulfil the requirements of the DIN EN 12604 regulation to keep your gates from falling over if the top hinge was to fail. Unfortunately, every major storm leaves at least a few sites like this one where […]

Guest blog: Which fencing and gates should I choose for my school?
By Veronika Mølbæk | Jan 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

Guest blog: Which fencing and gates should I choose for my school?

This month, we’ve invited one of our distributors to share their expert knowledge for our first ever guest blog. In the blog below, First Fence will be sharing their top tips and knowledge about school fencing and gates. Why fencing and gates around schools is so important When it comes to schools, perimeter fencing and […]

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How to secure your football pitches

Whether grass or AstroTurf, football pitches are prone to trespassers playing a game out of hours. Not only can this create clashes with any pre-booked games, but unsupervised play can easily lead to damages to the pitch or facilities. It’s therefore highly recommended that you secure your football pitches. Here’s how! Secure your football pitches […]

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How to secure tennis courts with a keyless lock

Any kind of sports facilities are prone to vandalism and trespassers outside of opening hours. It’s therefore important to make sure the perimeter is secured with security fencing. To increase security, you have to choose the best lock for your customer’s specific requirements, which can depend on the sport. In this blog we will focus […]

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The 5 best ways to slam proof your gate

Slam proof your gate to reduce the impact and noise of metal gates and give your customers a more peaceful life. Doing it from the beginning means you are less likely to be called back with complaints about a damaged gate, cracked paint, or just general annoyance with the noise. There are a few ways […]

the industrial heavy-duty hinge: the superhinge
By Veronika Mølbæk | Nov 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

The industrial heavy-duty hinge: 3 different ways to use our Superhinge

If you aren’t familiar with our Superhinge, it is our industrial heavy-duty hinge. This low-friction hinge was developed specifically for heavy gates and features brass washers and grease points to facilitate a smooth closing action. Sounds good? To showcase the strength and versatility of the Superhinge, scroll along to see some recent case studies where […]

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Controlled gate closers for bike storage units

Why should you consider using gate closers for bike storage units? Bike storage units are designed to keep their contents safe and secure. Choosing the right lock solution is therefore a high priority. But the lock becomes pointless if Jack and Jill never remember to properly shut the gate behind them. Cue the gate closing […]

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The locking solution for bike storage units

Presenting the ideal locking solution for bike storage units With the recent boom in bicycle purchases in the UK, a lot of new bike storage solutions have emerged. These range from simple metal bike racks and open shelters to full blown higher security cage-style options. Choosing the right locking solution for bike storage units sends […]

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Closing mechanisms: How to make your gate close automatically

Gates that are left open aren’t only a security or safety risk. An uncontrolled, open gate blowing open and closed in the wind can damage the gate hardware and the gate frame itself. The best way to avoid this is of course to ensure the gate is closed every single time after use. But we […]

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