three images of locks side by side: gate lock with code, gate lock with key access and gate lock on wooden gate
By Veronika Mølbæk | Apr 19, 2022 | News

Gate locks with code, panic exit or key? Different types of locks for gates

Not sure what gate locks with code or key are? Or what the difference between bolt-on locks and mortice locks is? It can be confusing as there are a few different types of gate locks depending on different categories. Read on below as we cover: Different types of gate locks based on installation: Locks can […]

metal gate with heavy duty gate hinge between gate post and gate leaf
By Veronika Mølbæk | Apr 07, 2022 | News

Everything you need to know about heavy-duty gate hinges

What are heavy-duty gate hinges? Let’s start with the basics. Heavy-duty gate hinges generally refer to a hinge that is designed to work for gates that carry a lot of weight due to their construction or size. This can be anything from a large bi-folding gate on an industrial unit or a heavy metal frame […]

close up image of latch bolt on bolt-on lock for metal gate
By Ian Hetherington | Mar 08, 2022 | News

Latch length: How long are the latch bolts on our bolt-on locks?

We often get asked questions regarding the latch lengths for our bolt-on locks: How long is it? How much does it throw? How much will it stick out? To make an easy overview of the different measurements above, we have created this guide for our bolt-on lock ranges – the Superlock and the Select Pro […]

man opening combination code on metal gate
By Veronika Mølbæk | Mar 03, 2022 | News

How to easily change the code on your keypad lock

One of the benefits of using a keypad lock is that you can easily change the code when staff changes or in case of a security breach. Whether you’ve got one of our Select Pro or Superlock digital gate locks, you can change the code yourself. Below we have compiled our handy instruction videos showing […]

Person fitting mechanical keypad lock to softwood timber gate
By Veronika Mølbæk | Feb 16, 2022 | News

How to successfully install the Superlatch digital lock for wooden gates in 8 steps

Many keyless combination locks on the market require a precisely shaped morticed hole, which takes time, effort, and patience. Many timber gate owners are therefore put off installing a digital lock for wooden gates. We want to simplify gate hardware, which is why we’ve developed our range of wooden gate locks that are easier to […]

softwood timber garden gate with digital keypad lock. In front is a paved path and plant with purple flowers
By Veronika Mølbæk | Feb 04, 2022 | News

The Staycation Boom: Find the winning combination gate lock

As national lockdowns were removed, ‘staycations’ became increasingly popular in the UK. Airbnb’s boomed and many found a way to use that old shed or annex as a source of income. It also meant that combination gate locks found a new purpose: securing the main garden gate entrance. When you think of a garden gate, […]

Keyless combination gate lock installed on grey powder coated steel gate. Gate is on beech with blurred water in the background.
By Veronika Mølbæk | Jan 07, 2022 | News

3 Easy Steps to Find the Lock Handing

For some of our locks, we offer a right-handed or a left-handed version and the lock handing you choose depends on whether your gate is right or left-hand hung. Take our BDGS as an example. It has keypad access on the outside and a handle on the inside. Depending on how your gate is installed, […]

Red metal gate on public park. Gate has gate closing mechanism installed and is in front of a bin and benches,
By Veronika Mølbæk | Nov 23, 2021 | News

How to make self-closing gates safer in public areas

When you send your child to the local playground, you trust that every precaution has been made to ensure your child’s safety.  When it comes to the surrounding fence and gates, you need to incorporate certain safety measures like the right type of fencing and consider features like self-closing gates. The Royal Society for Prevention […]

Set of six storage units with yellow doors and grey frames. Units are numbered starting with 12 to 17 from left to right.
By Veronika Mølbæk | Oct 04, 2021 | News

Case Study: Bespoke Lock Protecting Bikes and Boxes

CASE STUDY – The Bike Storage Company, Superlock Latch Deadlock Bespoke locks keeping bikes and boxes safe in East London A bespoke project required a unique lock solution due to safety requirements. Complete with compliant thumb turns, this new build basement received stylish bicycle/storage units with locks fit for the job. The Bike Storage Company were tasked […]

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