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The Impact of Temperature on Locks: Unravelling the Mysteries of Security

Locks, those steadfast guardians of our homes and valuables, often seem invincible in their task to keep intruders at bay. Yet, hidden within their mechanisms lies a vulnerability that’s often overlooked – temperature. Temperature might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about security, but its impact on locks can be […]

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Essential Role of Locks in Council Allotments

Council allotments play a crucial role in fostering community spirit, promoting sustainable living, and providing access to green spaces for urban residents. These small plots of land allow individuals to grow their own produce, connect with nature, and build relationships with fellow gardeners. To ensure the success and security of council allotments, one element that […]

Temporary fencing how can you secure your temporary gates?
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Gate hardware for temporary fencing

In this article we will be covering gate hardware for temporary fencing such as gate closers, gate locks and other security and safety hardware you might want to consider. What is temporary fencing? Temporary fencing is fencing that is used for short periods of time. It is therefore not permanent and not meant to be […]

Guest blog: What to consider before getting an electric gate system?
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Guest blog: What is crucial to consider before getting an electric gate system?

Electric gate systems are convenient for the users. With an automated gate and lock system, all you have to do is drive up to the gate, activate a fob and like magic, it will open. Installing an electric gate system shouldn’t be taken lightly though. These are complex systems and it is important to consider […]

man opening combination code on metal gate
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How to easily change the code on your keypad lock

One of the benefits of using a keypad lock is that you can easily change the code when staff changes or in case of a security breach. Whether you’ve got one of our Select Pro or Superlock digital gate locks, you can change the code yourself. Below we have compiled our handy instruction videos showing […]

Keyless combination gate lock installed on grey powder coated steel gate. Gate is on beech with blurred water in the background.
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3 Easy Steps to Find the Lock Handing

For some of our locks, we offer a right-handed or a left-handed version and the lock handing you choose depends on whether your gate is right or left-hand hung. Take our BDGS as an example. It has keypad access on the outside and a handle on the inside. Depending on how your gate is installed, […]

secured by design gate locks
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Secured by Design gate locks

What does ‘Secured by Design gate lock’ mean? Secured By Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative started by the UK Police service. It was started in 1989 after a housing crisis started a development boom of low quality and low security houses. The rise in burglaries was alarming and the Secured By Design […]

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Giving your gates a lead with a gate tether

Gate tethers work as a safety cable to help prevent gates falling. They are recommended to use in order to fulfil the requirements of the DIN EN 12604 regulation to keep your gates from falling over if the top hinge was to fail. Unfortunately, every major storm leaves at least a few sites like this one where […]

Guest blog: Which fencing and gates should I choose for my school?
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Guest blog: Which fencing and gates should I choose for my school?

This month, we’ve invited one of our distributors to share their expert knowledge for our first ever guest blog. In the blog below, First Fence will be sharing their top tips and knowledge about school fencing and gates. Why fencing and gates around schools is so important When it comes to schools, perimeter fencing and […]

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