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Closing mechanisms: How to make your gate close automatically

Gates that are left open aren’t only a security or safety risk. An uncontrolled, open gate blowing open and closed in the wind can damage the gate hardware and the gate frame itself. The best way to avoid this is of course to ensure the gate is closed every single time after use. But we […]

composite gate with metal frame and installed bolt on lock.
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The best locks for composite gates: What should I use?

Whether your customer wants a gate for security reasons or safety, chances are they want it to look good too. In recent years, composite gates have been gaining popularity. Thanks to the low maintenance and high durability, more and more homeowners choose composite gates. We go through your options regarding locks for composite gates. We’ve […]

protective gate shroud on a locked gate in front of a brick wall
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Why should I use a protective gate shroud for my gate?

Security is one of the main reasons for installing a fence and gate. But kerb appeal and appearance are also important for homeowners having a gate installed. Gates with metal bars and large gap are popular gate styles thanks to their versatility. However, these types of gates are vulnerable to outsiders gaining access, especially if […]

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Gate lock guide: Why you should choose a bolt-on gate lock

If you look closely at the gates in your street, you will find bolt-on gate locks a common sight on metal gates. Bolt-on gate locks are fixed to the frame of the gate with bolts or screws as shown below. They are usually installed symmetrically on the gate frame and are visible from both the […]

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Gate lock guide: Why you should choose a weld-in gate lock

You might be wondering how do you weld a lock? We’re here to help answer that! A weld-in gate lock essentially consists of a weldable box and an internal lock mechanism. The weldable box has been prepared to fit the lock mechanism, which can be installed after the lock has been welded. How to install […]

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Gate lock guide: Why you should choose a morticed gate lock

Everyone has come across a mortice lock because they are commonly used on regular doors. Using this type of locks on gates, however, has its own benefits and disadvantages. Read on as we go through what a mortice lock is, where it can be used and how it compares to other lock types. What is […]

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Our gateway to quality – ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Gatemaster Ltd (encompassing Gatemaster and Gatemaster Offshore) has just become an ISO9001:2015 certified business. It has always been our aim to supply products and services which meet or exceed customers’ needs and expectations and achieving ISO 9001 reinforces our commitment towards sustaining this strategy. Our ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System supports our strategic direction to […]

three images of locks side by side: gate lock with code, gate lock with key access and gate lock on wooden gate
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Gate locks with code, panic exit or key? Different types of locks for gates

Not sure what gate locks with code or key are? Or what the difference between bolt-on locks and mortice locks is? It can be confusing as there are a few different types of gate locks depending on different categories. Read on below as we cover: Different types of gate locks based on installation: Locks can […]

metal gate with heavy duty gate hinge between gate post and gate leaf
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Everything you need to know about heavy-duty gate hinges

What are heavy-duty gate hinges? Let’s start with the basics. Heavy-duty gate hinges generally refer to a hinge that is designed to work for gates that carry a lot of weight due to their construction or size. This can be anything from a large bi-folding gate on an industrial unit or a heavy metal frame […]

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