How to easily change the code on your keypad lock

man opening combination keypad lock with code on metal gate

One of the benefits of using a keypad lock is that you can easily change the code when staff changes or in case of a security breach.

Whether you’ve got one of our Select Pro or Superlock digital gate locks, you can change the code yourself.

Below we have compiled our handy instruction videos showing you exactly how to change the code on your digital lock.

How to change the code

Select Pro keypad locks

The Select Pro range is our classic bolt-on lock range, which features a square lock case.

The Select Pro keypad locks include the following variations:

  • DGL – double-sided digital lock
  • DGLS – single-sided digital lock
  • DGLW – double-sided digital lock, surface-fixed
  • DGLSW – single-sided digital lock, surface-fixed
  • SBQEDGLW – surface-fixed quick exit, digital access

To change the code on these keypad locks in the Select Pro range, please follow the steps in the below video.

Code changing video for DGLS:

Please use the video as a guide. If your lock isn’t in the video, please note that precise code changing instructions are provided with the lock.

Code changing video for the DGL:

Code changing video for the DGLW and SBQEDGLW:


Superlock keypad locks

The Superlock is our iconic rectangular locks, and the range includes different versions with mechanical keypads.

The Superlock range includes the following digital options:

  • BDG – double-sided digital lock
  • BDGS – single-sided digital lock
  • BQDG – quick exit lock with keypad on one side

The video below shows how to successfully disassemble each of our Superlock digital keypad locks mentioned above. Our technical manager Ian then goes through the actual code changing process and how to assemble each lock again.

View it below or check it out on our YouTube channel!

Please use the video as a guide. If your lock isn’t in the video, please note that precise code changing instructions are provided with the lock.

Do you still have questions about how to change your keypad lock?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1243 558 580 and our technical department will be able to guide you every step of the way.

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