Keyless combination lock for wooden gates

keyless combination lock for wooden gate with mechanical keypad on both sides.

Wondering what the benefits for a keyless combination lock for wooden gates are?

Keyless entry for wooden gates is increasingly popular for gate owners. Door locks with a combination code are frequently used internally in buildings, for convenience and also security. There are a number of advantages of this method of securing a point of entry, including:

  • Eliminates the need for a key, which is convenient especially in larger properties or organisations where there can be several entry points needing a key
  • Keys can present a security concern for any property when they are lost, potentially giving an outsider unhindered access
  • An effective option where multiple users need entry, as a code can be easily distributed rather than giving out keys
  • If security is breached the code can be changed, whereas a keyed lock would need to be replaced and new keys cut
  • A combination lock is often more secure than a keyed lock, as keyholes can be a point of weakness for the lock. Experienced lock-breakers can gain access by picking the lock, or by inserting something into the keyhole and forcing their way in
  • A keypad lock’s mechanism is mainly concealed inside, giving better security and also higher durability against moisture and rust

Keyless combination lock for wooden gates

Keypad locks that are designed specifically for gates are a lot less common.  While standard keypad door locks are often used on gates, they are far from ideal.  One of the main reasons for this is that the latch is designed for the often small gap between the door and frame, whereas gates often have far larger tolerances.  This is often due to gate hinges being more heavy duty but less precise than door hinges.

Wood changes its moisture content as a response to the humidity in the air, meaning it will shrink when drier and expand when more humid. Therefore, the locking mechanism needs to allow for these changes and be secure enough to compensate for potential shifting, warping, and swelling of your gate.

The Gatemaster Solutions

Getting a suitable lock is therefore recommended and luckily we have a range to suit. A keyless combination lock for wooden gates could be the way to secure your garden gate!

We have expanded our range as well to offer more options for a secure gate. As we aim to simplify gate hardware, you can install all of the below lock without picking up a chisel.

BDGW – Superlock Surface Fixed Digital Gate Lock

The BDGW is our newest addition to the Superlock family and is a fully mechanical lock. The entire lock mechanism and keypad is made in high quality stainless steel, making it highly corrosion resistant. The BDGW comes with a gate keep, which is installed on the gate post and will receive the latchbolt.

  • Corrosion resistant – the lock features marine grade keypads and powder-coated stainless steel casing
  • No power needed – the mechanical keypad requires no power and can be installed anywhere
  • Adjustable latchbolt – the latch springs in 15 mm and can be adjusted for another 20 mm in length
  • Auto-latching – close the gate and the latchbolt latches into the gate frame. To open the gate – enter the code and turn the handle
  • Available in 2 optionsDouble-sided (keypad on both sides) or Single sided (keypad outside, lever handle inside).

Please note: This keyless combination lock for wooden gates is handed. To find out if you need the left or right handed option, follow the simple steps in this guide.

Surface fixed digital keypad lock on white timber gate
The BDGW double-sided keypad lock.
DGLW – Select Pro Surface Fixed Gate Lock

The Gatemaster DGLW Surface fixed gate lock is a product that incorporates both the keyless entry and the tolerance needed for gates. It works as both a gate latch option and also a secure method of locking a gate. Mainly used on wooden gates, the DGLW was designed as an answer to the lack of options for keyless combination lock for wooden gates. It incorporates:

  • A latch that extends up to 55mm from the face of the gate – maximum tolerance and high security!
  • Long latching movement – latch bolt projects up to 20mm into the keep which increases security
  • Simple to fit – just drill 3 holes through the gate and bolt on
  • Keep box included
  • Durable – tested to over 1,000 hours salt spray, will survive the elements
  • Auto-latching – close the gate and the latch bolt latches into the keep box
  • Available in 2 options – Double sided (keypad both sides) or Single sided (Keypad outside, lever handle inside)

Watch our tutorial on how to install the DGLW keyless combination lock for wooden gates.

Please note: The DGLW is handed. To find out if you need the left or right handed option, follow the simple steps in this guide.

Keyless combination lock on wooden gate
The DGLW with mechanical keypad and keep.
SLDS – Superlatch Digital Lock

As opposed to the BDGW and the DGLW, the Superlatch features a combination keypad on the outside of the gate, but has a latch lever handle on the inside. The latch is protected by an integrated shroud to help prevent outsiders gaining easy access.

  • No power needed – mechanical keypad lock
  • Corrosion resistant – marine grade keypad and powder-coated stainless steel latch
  • Built to accommodate the swelling of wooden gates during the wet season
  • Reversible handing – can be used on left or right hand gates
  • Auto-latching – close the gate and the latch catches onto the strike plate. To open the gate – from outside enter the code and turn the handle, from inside simply twist the latch.
  • Easy to install – install by drilling 3 holes in the gate. View the installation video here.
  • A great alternative to a standard digital lock with tubular latch

Open timber gate with digital keypad lock showing. Through the opening, is a bench on paved path and grass.
A fully mechanical keypad for keyless entry.
Light softwood garden gate with a latch handle and shroud installed.
The integrated latch and shroud.

Choose a keyless combination lock for wooden gates today. These are available through our distribution channels around the world. 

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