How to successfully install the Superlatch digital lock for wooden gates in 8 steps

Open gate with digital lock for wooden gate showing. Through the opening, is a bench on paved path and grass.

Many keyless combination locks on the market require a precisely shaped morticed hole, which takes time, effort, and patience. Many timber gate owners are therefore put off installing a digital lock for wooden gates.

We want to simplify gate hardware, which is why we’ve developed our range of wooden gate locks that are easier to install.

So, even if you’re not a big DIY enthusiast, fitting the SLDS is easy.

What’s included in the kit

  • Digital keypad
  • Lock mechanism
  • Lock keep
  • 1x rubber gasket (to sit between the keypad and the wooden post)
  • 6x fixing screws
  • 2x spindles (1x for up to 45mm thick gates and 1x for up to 75mm thick gates)
  • 2x M5 x 60mm screws (to use for gates up to 45 mm thick)
  • 2x M5 extension pieces (to use with M5 screws for gates up to 75mm thick)
  • 1x recessed washer (to cover the back of the top hole for the keypad)
  • 1x spring to attach to the latch
  • 1x spec sheet including drilling guide and installation instructions

What you’ll need

  • Screw driver
  • Drill with 5mm and 12mm drill bits
  • Grinder or similar metal cutting tool

How to install the SLDS – our new digital lock for wooden gates

Step 1: Choose the placement

Select a comfortable height for your lock and mark the drilling holes as shown.

Measurements for drilling holes when installing digital lock for wooden gates

Step 2: Drill the fixing holes

Drill the top and bottom fixing holes to 5mm (3/16″) diameter.

Person drilling two holes in wooden gate with power drill

Step 3: Drill the centre hole

Drill the centre hole to 12mm (1/2″) diameter.

Tip: Drill part way through, then mark and drill from the other side to help make sure the hole is straight.

Person using drill to drill hole in timber gate

Step 4: Insert the fixing screws

Insert the keypad fixing screws in the top and bottom holes.

Cut the screws to length if necessary; they should only protrude 8mm (5/16″).

Person measuring the length of screws using yellow measuring tape

Step 5: Fix the keypad

Fix the keypad on the outside of the gate using the fixing screws.

Person fitting digital keypad to timber gate

Step 6: Insert the spindle

Insert the flat spindle through the centre hole.

Make sure it is fully located in the back of the keypad.

Make sure it only protrudes 13mm (1/2″); if it is too long, cut it to length.

Person measuring spindle protruding from wooden gate with yellow measuring tape

Step 7: Fit the lock

Place the lock with the latch and cover shroud attached onto the spindle and fit with the wooden screws to the gate.

Tip: Pilot drilling the holes before fixing is recommended.

Person with power drill fitting key latch and shroud to wooden garden gate

Step 8: Fit the keep plate

Mark where the latch will strike on the gate post and fit the keep plate with the two remaining wood screws.

Person with drill fitting latch keep to timber gate post using power drill

Watch the full installation video

If you are having issues or need clarifications, watch our How To Video below or get in touch with us for any technical questions.

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