Hydraulic Gate Closer

A robust and easy to fit gate closer, perfect for use on playgrounds and schools.

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This hydraulically controlled gate closer and top hinge kit has been developed using a proven mechanism to provide safe and reliable gate closing.  This makes it perfect for use on playground and school gates where closing speed adjustment is required.

  • Robust – The closing unit fits underneath the gate making it vandal resistant
  • Strong – Can be used to reliably close gates up to 150kg
  • Easy to install – As it is a hydraulic closer, no power is needed
  • Unobtrusive – The closer also acts as a load bearing lower hinge
  • Adjustable – A top hinge assembly which is fully adjustable to enable the gate to be positioned correctly after installation
  • Option on top hinges – Built in standard hinge or with built in stop to prevent the gate opening more than 90° and damaging the closer

Product Code

APS – with standard top hinge
APSSTOP – with 90° top hinge (built in stop to prevent the gate opening more than 90° and damaging the closer)

Additional information

Weight 8.15 kg
Top hinge