Simple, yet effective: Security collar for hook and eye hinge

metal gate in front of hedge

We love to share our knowledge and experience with our customers, but we also learn a great deal from all of them. So was this blog post actually inspired by them. Following the recent thefts of farm gates around Bognor Regis, our local partners pointed out that our SCP push-fit security collar offers a great solution to prevent that problem. As those collars have been flying under the radar, we have decided to spread the word.

If you are using ‘hook and eye’ hinges, you are certainly in the majority. This hinge has always been incredibly popular in the UK amongst gate professionals because it is simple, reliable and does the job.

Unfortunately, such a simple hinge does not offer a lot of security: with a loose fit, your gate can be manoeuvred off your post with no additional tools. Every year, a few articles such as this one (Police warning after spate of farm gate thefts – FW) are published in local press, warning farmers and properties for another series of thefts.

It goes without saying that damages to your property, cattle and even just repairs can add up to significant amounts out of your wallet!

Fitting to hook and eye hinges

The remedy for this problem is the push-fit security collar. It is simply pushed on to the hook of the hinge and it serves as a cap. The collar functions similarly to a zip-tie: when pushed down, it is impossible to move it up again. Therefore, no fasteners, glues or similar is used and the collar can be installed on your hook and eye hinges in mere seconds.

As the collar comes in 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm, it can be used for most – if not all – hook and eye hinges for both new and existing installations.

The concept of the security collar

Push fit security collar on hook and eye hinge on gate
Hook and eye hinge with weld on lugs. Push fit security collar fitted on top of hinge
SCP push fit security collar in different sizes

Visit the product page here for more information or order the push-fit security collar in the UK from our distributor site Signet: Permanent Fast Fix Security Collars – Signet Locks.

If you are looking for hook and eye hinges, we also offer them here: Gate hooks & eyes – Signet Locks.

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