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gate lock with code on white wooden fence in front of green hedge and paved drive

Welcome to Gatemaster timber products. Everything you need to know about locks and hardware suitable for wooden gates, support videos to help with installation as well as access to spec sheets.

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SLDS Superlatch

With keypad access and a latch with integrated shroud, the Superlatch is a convenient solution and takes little time to install.

  • No power needed – mechanical keypad lock
  • Corrosion resistant – marine grade keypad and powder-coated stainless steel latch
  • Built to accommodate the swelling of wooden gates during the wet season
  • Reversible handing – can be used on left or tight hand gates
  • Auto-latching – close the gate and the latch catches onto the strike plate. To open the gate from the outside enter the code and turn the handle, from inside simply twist the latch
  • A great alternative to a standard digital lock with tubular latch
  • As standard the SLDS fixings are suitable for gates up to 75mm thick. If you have a gate thicker than 75mm, please get in touch as you will need special fixings

3D technical drawing of Superlatch digital keypad lock with measurements
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BDGW – Superlock for wooden gates

Available either as double or single-sided keypad, it is a secure option for a garden gate

gate lock with code on white wooden fence in front of green hedge and paved drive
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GLB – Gate Locking Bolt

This locking bolt has a strong deadbolt which moves 53mm with one tur of the key making it excellent for use on wooden gates which often expand and contract in the weather.

gate locking bolt on wooden gate

The lock eurocylinder which extends from the back of the lock is available in 2 lengths for different sized gates. The standard GLB can be used on gates up to 24mm thick and the GLB02 can be used on the gates up to 60mm thick.

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SBQEDGLW – Surface Fixed Quick Exit Digital Access Lock

The SBQEDGLW is a surface-fixed digital gate lock with a quick exit push pad on the inside and a digital keypad on the other. With the simple surface-fixed installation, it is useful for locations where an easy exit is necessary. The lock has a 10-pin keypad for easy keyless access.

How to Change the Code
dimensional drawing of surface fixed digital lock with push pad exit

DGLWL – Surface Fixed Digital Gate Lock

The surface fixed version of the Digital gate lock has a long latching movement allowing for gate expansion and contraction. The lock fits simply to the gate by drilling 3 holes into the gate frame and screw fixing the lock to the gate. Digital gate locks are a convenient method of locking a gate as no keys are required. Tested to over 1000 hours salt spray, this product will survive the elements.

How to Change the Code

How to install DGLWL

Also available as single-sided lock.

SCP – Push-Fit Security Collars

Simply push the collar onto the gate hook above the gate eye to ensure the gate can’t be lifted off. Available in 4 sizes to suit all common pin sizes. 12mm – 22mm

ADBS – Auto-Locking Drop Bolt

Screw fixed drop bolt is designed to secure double gates. Thanks to the ingenious design, the lifting plate will sit between the two gate leaves making sure the drop bolt cannot be lifted unless the gate is unlocked.

This drop bolt is the screw-fixed version to suit timber gates.

  • Made from solid steel
  • Diameter of drop bolt: 19mm
  • Drop bolt movement: 100mm

GSBW – Gas Closing Strut

The reliable and long lasting GSBW gate closer is ideal for closing gates up to 80kg. Simply screw fix the brackets to the gate and post and fit the closer to the brackets.

  • Adjustable force – No need to release gas, the closer can be moved along the brackets to increase or decrease the force. This means the strength of the close can be adjusted.
  • Easy to fit – Adjustable brackets also mean there is no need to compress the strut when fitting to a gate.
  • From experience these closers can close much heavier gates if the hinges are free running.
controlled gate closer for bike storage units

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