ML4 Mortice Hook Lock

A robust all-stainless steel mortice lock designed for fitting into 40x40mm box section, incorporating a hooked bolt and latch in one unique locking action.


The Gatemaster Mortice Hook Lock is a unique stainless steel lock that incorporates a latch and deadlock in one single-action bolt.  Designed for use on a 40x40mm box section, once the section is cut to receive the lock it can simply be slid in and fixed without any drilling and tapping of the gate needed.

  • Fits 40x40x2mm box section or upwards
  • 20mm backset
  • Reversible for left and right hand gates, simply switch the latch direction
  • Latch + deadbolt in one hook, only 1 slot needed in the post
  • Operated with key and handle
  • Corrosion resistant, all stainless steel with brass latch
  • Tested to 1,000,000 openings!

This lock is highly popular where gate sections are laser cut to receive the lock, but it's also straightforward to cut the box section manually with the aperture dimensional drawing supplied.  Pre-cut box section profile lengths are available on demand.

Also supplied with all stainless steel accessories, the kit includes:

  • Dual or full cover for the eurocylinder and handle (options below)
  • Stainless steel adjustable keep with self expanding fasteners
  • Pair of handles

Product Options

ML4DCP - Mortice Lock, Dual Cover, Plain handles
ML4DCO - Mortice Lock, Dual Cover, Ornamental handles
ML4FCP - Mortice Lock, Full Cover, Plain handles
ML4FCO - Mortice Lock, Full Cover, Ornamental handles